You live and learn

What makes a strong social media profile?

A good social media presence is an interesting one! This may seem like the obvious answer, but we all know people and organisations that are posting content that quite simply is not interesting.…

Do you prefer privacy or convenience?

Privacy does matter. All too often we sacrifice privacy for convenience. You know, when Netflix recommends programs that you might enjoy based on your experience to date. Seems fair enough. Takes the agony…

Ditch the drama

Truth be told, if someone did wave a magic wand and create my ideal workplace, I suspect, that my ego would still find something to moan about.

Podcast Recommendations Feb 2020

I did a lot of reading and listening into activities that related to pitching. As communications professional you think I might have this down pat. But as an introvert by preference, I know…

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a range of activities and tactics that when combined serve your stakeholders with memorable, useful and relevant content. This is important because if you take away the three adjectives what have you got?…

Podcast recommendations Jan 2020

If I don’t start the day with, “I was listening to a podcast” then those that know me well might be tempted to call for back up! I’ve decided to put together my…

What is digital marketing?

In short, digital marketing is making use of a range of online tools to spread the word about your business or organisation. Have you googled ‘digital marketing’ lately trying to find the answers…

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