Ditch the drama

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Quite frankly, it doesn’t exist.

Does yours? Lucky you.

If we wait for perfect circumstances before we do our best work, it’s likely that we will be waiting a long time! And perhaps letting ourselves off the hook, a little too easily, while we are waiting.

Cy Wakeman – Ditch the Drama

Cy Wakeman is someone whose leadership offerings I have followed for many years. When I find myself getting a little ‘woe is me’ because I want things to be different, I know that it is time to check in with Cy Wakeman and her Reality Based Leadership teaching. She is all about ‘Ditching the Drama’.

Her approach always shows me that my ego is doing some sort of ‘lizard brain keep yourself safe’ kind of thing and resisting change. We are hard-wired to routine and keeping ourselves out of harm’s way but sometimes, we need to get out of our own way, not put up barriers to block our own success and start new routines. (As an aside, I think this is why all diets start on a Monday and fail shortly thereafter because we want to stick to our normal routine!)

Stop making excuses

The very first time I ever listened to Cy speak, I felt like she’d been inside my head and heard all the excuses I had told myself about why I was unhappy at work.  

Truth be told, if someone did come along with a wand and make all the things I’d like in my ideal workplace, I suspect, that my ego would still find something to moan about. And what is perfect for me isn’t ideal for others so my minimum is Dilmah teabags in the tearoom and anything beyond that is a bonus.

Unhook your ego

So what is the trick here? Cy Wakeman describes it as unhooking your ego in order to find your higher self. In very simple terms, stop whinging and start helping.

We need to start working within the constraints of the work place. We are all working to deliver on a purpose or a goal. Our contribution should be working towards to the business’ and/or organisation’s strategic goals. It is about not letting the blocks stop us and putting us off our achievements. Be creative. Adjust your plans. Reach your goals.

Here’s a great exercise from Cy Wakeman’s Reality Based Leadership about Thinking Inside the Box. Give it a try. Or if you need some help brainstorming let me know. You bring the Dilmah I’ll bring some new ideas to challenge your thinking. Let’s create your ideal workplace today!

Written by Danielle Ramsey.


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