Keep in touch during COVID-19

We know that in order to keep everyone safe we need to maintain our physical distance, regularly wash our hands for at least 20 seconds and take all the appropriate safety measures. That’s all really important.

What’s also important is that we maintain the relationships that are important to us.

Social connection is so important for our overall well-being. While we may not be able to physically be in the same room as some of our friends and family there are a lot of great ways to connect online. Some of these tools can help you feel less far away while we are in this period of shut down. They may come in handy for you, your colleagues, your customers and their families.

And depending on which generation you belong to there could be a whole lot of amusement in (trying) making these tools work! 🙊

Which apps or tools should I use?

Some of the free video chat services are listed below. These are available to install on your smart devices. You can find all of these in the Apple or Google apps stores. 

Skype – (not Skype for Business!) just good old free Skype – works on any device.
You can find Skype here. 

Facetime – A preinstalled app on any modern iPhone. The default video messaging app (not available on android phones).

Google Duo – now the default video app for Google/Android phones but works across Apple and Android devices and can host up to 8 people at one time.
You can find the Android version here.

You can find the Apple version here.

Zoom – quickly gaining in popularity with free calls up to 40 mins. A cool feature is the ability to have up to 36 participants on the screen at once. Most other services show only a small number of active videos (usually those that have recently spoken). And it’s fun doing the Brady Bunch set up, for all of you Gen Xers!
You can find Zoom here.

Google hangouts – video & chat platform up to 10 users. You just need a google sign in (email address) and google device or google chrome browser.

WhatsApp – hugely popular messaging service on Android and Apple device. You can also login via a desktop or laptop.
You can find WhatsApp here.

Facebook messenger – If you have a Facebook account you can video call your friends and family on Facebook directly from messenger.
You can find it here.

Have you seen Ronnie Chieng’s bit about helping his mother with her IT problems? Well worth the time, if you need a giggle and have parents who need any technology assistance!!


Have you tried any other apps or tools that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below. 👇

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