Podcast Recommendations Feb 2020

I did a lot of reading and listening into activities that related to pitching. As communications professional you think I might have this down pat. But as an introvert by preference, I know that I would nearly rather talk, sell, promote, write about anything other than myself!

The first podcast is literally called The Pitch Factor.

I’ve listened to a few of their podcasts this month and really enjoyed them. They interview smart people, who give practical advice to being more confident and successful in your career. Daisy Auger Dominguez gave some excellent suggestions from physically how you present in the room through to speaking up with your ideas and not being afraid to get things wrong. With the young women that I have mentored I think this speaking up piece is really powerful and on point.

The Pitch Factor with Daisy Auger Dominguez

Akimbo with Seth Godin

Seth Godin is my kind of marketer. He is so considered, thoughtful and purposeful and from his approach he is like a virtual coach for so many of us in the industry. He speaks. I listen. I think. And I always come up with new ways of doing things. Seth is a great investment of your time.

In this episode, he discusses ‘sunk costs’ and this concept essentially queries are you doing something in your business because you have invested a lot of money in it? I suspect that there is a lot of this in action. We often frame the decisions we make because of a shared vision or purpose, ‘this is how we do things around here’ but should it be? If you have a business that has put a lot of money into making widgets and the market has moved on to Velcro straps where will you and widgets be?

Seth Godin’s Sunk Costs

This American Life

There is no doubt about it, Ira Glass would be on my invite list for the dinner party question about the dinner party of ‘who would you invite to your dinner party if you could invite anyone?’.  Ira Glass knows how to tell a good story. Every time. And he knows how to get to the heart of a story so that you connect with it.

This American Life has also created so many other wonderful story tellers. Jonathon Goldstein, Alex Bloomberg left This American Life to start up Gimlet which also tells a really wonderful range of stories.

Lost in America

This episode tells stories of people who are lost. Gut wrenchingly good is the story of the Mexican American Border Patrol Guard who judiciously follows the rules to eventually find out that he has unwittingly broken the rules himself.

Written by Danielle Ramsey.

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