Do you prefer privacy or convenience?

Privacy does matter.

All too often we sacrifice privacy for convenience. You know, when Netflix recommends programs that you might enjoy based on your experience to date. Seems fair enough. Takes the agony out of deciding what to watch, surely?

When does it move from convenient to an invasion of privacy?

Not much beyond that if you ask me!

As a communicator, I am all for people, company and organisation’s having their own managed platform to be heard and to tell their side of the story. All good stories have at least two sides. I heard it somewhere!

However, have you ever checked your permissions to see exactly what information you are sharing. Are you happy to share that much? It’s quite eye-opening if you take the time to do this. 

I was in a park with a friend discussing all matter of things when I noticed the next day that my Facebook ads were basically a replay of my conversation. I hadn’t even been on the phone at the time. So you need your microphone on for your face-time calls but after that, you should slide that permission off.

The Social Dilemma on Netflix has got me reconsidering my position on privacy yet again. 

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The interviews on this show are from experts that were heavily involved in the development of the social tools that we now use every day. And they are telling us they may have been a little naive. The ‘like’ button on Facebook for example was intended to spread love. It has in many instances done this but you can imagine their shock and horror at the thought of any teenage girls harming themselves because of a lack of likes?

The Social Dilemma raises some interesting discussion points about screen time, notifications, democracy and addiction that are well worth some of your attention.

Competing for our attention 

All of the social channels benefit from our attention. The longer we stay on the platform the more ads they can serve us and the more revenue they can make. I get this is simplistic in its assessment but it links to the point that I make over and over again in terms of making your content interesting, relevant and useful. There is more content than we can possibly consume so this is the key to success. Make content that will interest your audience and stop them from scrolling on by.

Find out what others think

The social channels are a little guilty of finding out what it is we like and serving this up to us. And therefore anyone who has different views to us isn’t someone to have an interesting discussion with but rather someone to be disagreed with. There are many issues that are divisive but surely we can respect each other’s differences and engage in what is now seemingly an old fashion adage of ‘live and let live’.  Don’t let your social channels decide what your views are or ought to be. This is how elections are decided. And that is for another post but make sure you consciously choose what you consume and don’t let your social media channel pigeon hole you because they have put your preferences and data into an algorithm.

And if you need any help feel free to get in touch.

Written by Danielle Ramsey.

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