Podcast recommendations Jan 2020

Westside Communication Podcast Recommendations

If I don’t start the day with, “I was listening to a podcast” then those that know me well might be tempted to call for back up!

I’ve decided to put together my list of podcast recommendations for you. I’ll be interested to know what you think. If you like them too or if you have others that you like. 

These three are a few of my standard go tos!

I love learning and I love new ideas and I find as I listen to podcasts it feeds my need for both. Essentially, I’m researching on the train, in the car or as I throw the ball for the dog. I’m constantly finding that all of these podcasts that I consume create to the discussion, debate and design in my creative processes.

The Moth

There are so many podcasts out there. I know people that only listen for enjoyment and for me one that I enjoy but also has a great learning element to it is, The Moth. It is recorded live and people tell a short story, usually about 7-10 minutes, without notes. It is fantastic because no two people are the same but the stories can be incredibly personal, funny, insightful, interesting. You name it. 


I also love knowing more about what makes people tick. Human behaviour is fascinating to me. Jonathon Goldstein is a satirist who has one of my favourite podcasts, Heavyweight. He takes people back to moments in their lives when things changed to see if it impacted others as much as his subject. I have laughed, cried, wondered and thoroughly enjoyed. Jonathon’s self depricating wit is pure bliss. He starts each episode with his sister Jackie who never fails to roar laughing, hang up on him and diss him as only and older sister can!

Ditch the Drama

Cy Wakeman hosts a podcast called No Ego. By Cy’s own description, “It designed to help you ditch the drama, end entitlement and drive big results in the workplace. Stop worrying about your employees’ happiness and start worrying about their accountability’.

What about you? What’s a podcast that you love and why? Tell me about it?

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