What makes a strong social media profile?

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A good social media presence is an interesting one!

This may seem like the obvious answer, but we all know people and organisations that are posting content that quite simply is not interesting. It’s the opposite of interesting. It’s boring. And boring well….. are you still there? Are you reading? Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

We want everyone who has a social media channel to know it needs to be:

  1. relevant
  2. Interesting
  3. and valuable

Think about your audience when you are deciding what to post. You need to be the answer or solution your customers, or potential customers are looking for.  And once you have the answers you need it to be:

  1. relevant
  2. Interesting
  3. and valuable

Repetition can be useful too but that could be for another post!

Essentially, you are your own publishing house. And when you start to think like a publishing house you start to tailor what might be good content for you to share. Would McDonald’s share a recipe on how to slow cook ribs? No, not likely? Would a beautician write about the hottest toenail colour this summer? Yes, because it’s relevant, interesting and valuable to their audience.

What topics are relevant to your business? Find, write or develop content around those topics which are of interest to your customers. It allows you to establish credibility by sharing your expertise to your customers.

These three rules allow you to become known for something. Your business is not all things to all people. This is essentially the opposite of what success looks like.  You have a target market; an ideal customer and you need to be the solution they are looking for. When your customers, who are also your referrers, hear their friends talk about needing a new pair of eyeglasses (for example), you want them to immediately think of you.

Let me re-iterate the problem solution example a little further.  When you search on Google, what are you searching for? You are looking for answers to your problems. Your customers are exactly the same. Google will rank your content according to its relevance and solution to the question asked.

For example:

Question: How to tie a slip knot? Who benefits from giving me the answer to this question?

Sheep and Stitch with this video.

Why would do Sheep and Stich want to help me? 

Because it unblocks my pain point and because they have given me something for free it starts to build a relationship. It begins the process of me seeing this source as reliable and trustworthy. 

Question: How to break concrete without breaking my back

Question: Artisan bathroom tiles

Question: Healthy café near me

This then starts to help you frame the type of content that you need to serve up on your social media channels. Think about the problems your customers come to you to solve.  Then set about answering those questions and problems. There is a variety of ways to do this. 

If you like most of us live in your skin and can’t for the life of you think about what questions you get asked on a daily basis try this free tool:


Have a look and see what questions people are asking about your business/product/solution and then start answering those questions in a way that suits your brand on your website and social media channels. But make sure it is interesting, relevant and valuable or I’ll know! Share examples of your interesting, relevant and useful content below.

And if you need any help feel free to get in touch.

Written by Danielle Ramsey.

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