What is content marketing?

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Content marketing is a range of activities and tactics that when combined serve your stakeholders with memorable, useful and relevant content.

This is important because if you take away the three adjectives what have you got?

What content marketing isn’t!

You are serving your stakeholders with what? Self-promotion. Look at me. I’m fabulous. Choose me.

How is that working for you? It’s not. Nobody likes it.

Let’s take the online world into a real world. If you met someone who said, “I am the best dress designer in the world. Believe me. Truly I’m fabulous…” Are you still listening or are you thinking about excuses to get away?


When we add back in the adjectives you start to get the keys to success with your stakeholders.

Let’s know look at that same dress designer with an approach that is memorable, useful and relevant.

“Oh you’re looking for a dress designer. Why is that? Do you have a special occasion? Do you have something in mind? (instantly, it’s about your customer. Your customer will feel validated by your curiosity and interest. It stops being about you and immediately starts being about your customer.

“I’m looking for a dress to wear to a good friend’s wedding. It’s a beach wedding but pretty formal”.

Do you see how much information you now have to start tailoring your message and providing the solution your customer needs?

Armed with the two sentences of information that you’ve been given then helps you to tailor your message.

You have a line of dresses that are perfect for special occasions. They can be dressed up or down.

Rather than look at this beautiful frock that I have designed you start to set a different tone about helping someone with their specific need – (do people even use the word frock anymore? Is it possible that I am showing my age? Yes, I am not a millennial – well done!).

Content marketing considers who your audience is, what their needs are and gives you some fantastic information that’s hard to forget, valuable and worthwhile.

An example of content marketing done well.


Here is a great example of content marketing that was well targeted and hit the mark. A lot of people in Seddon, Yarraville, Kingsville in Melbourne where I am have either renovated, are renovating or are thinking about it. It’s an area filled with gorgeous old weather boards and older style brick residences. Some are completely move in ready and others are a work in progress. 

Renovating can be overwhelming and expensive. Undercover Architect knows this. I recently signed up for their 5 day Home Design Challenge after being targeted with an ad on instagram. Every day in my email I got a video with useful, relevant tips to help me begin my renovating journey. For example, I know now that to maximise lighting and weather you should seek to take advantage of as much “north east” facing energy in to your house design. So far, this hasn’t cost me a cent. Undercover Architect has given all this information for free. 

Why might you give your information away for free like this? Because when I finish her 5 day video intro I might be looking for more information. To take the next step. That might be to take her Master Class where I would become a paying customer. Or I might seek her input into the renovations process. It’s smart and it’s clever. She understands by sharing the content that she has that it doesn’t make me an architect with 25 years’ experience, but it does give me just enough to start to ask smarter questions in my design process. And it builds trust. 

Now not everyone who watches the video series will go on to be a client but enough will. So for the Undercover Architect there is a return on her investment. She will have spent a lot of time and energy into thinking who is her target market, what are their problems and how can she help?

Target market:  People who are likely renovating (for example people who have recently downloaded a home design app or tool).

Client Problem: Would like to renovate but don’t quite know where to begin.

How is Undercover Architect helping?:  By sharing some basic starter tips that would naturally go into the design process. This is useful and helpful. It’s memorable because it is broken down in to bite size pieces. Undercover Architect probably does all of these steps naturally in her design process without even writing a checklist but by thinking about her clients and their needs and who will benefit from her expertise she has created a series of worthwhile videos.

Check out the Undercover Architect.

Please note that I am not affliated in any way but I do appreciate good content when I consume it!

People worry that by sharing their secrets they’ll lose business. Perhaps it’s exactly the opposite?

What do you think? Have you seen any good examples of content marketing?

It means so much more than sharing an inspirational quote once a week and hoping that connects with you those who follow you.

And if you need any help feel free to get in touch.

Written by Danielle Ramsey.

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