What is digital marketing?

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In short, digital marketing is making use of a range of online tools to spread the word about your business or organisation.

Have you googled ‘digital marketing’ lately trying to find the answers to your marketing problems? Wow. There’s a lot to it!

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and lost. But the best way to get started is by breaking it down into chunks. Bite-sized chunks! Let’s look at a few of the well known digital marketing tools

We can start with an easy one.


You’ll have seen so many websites and probably without even realising know what you like and what you don’t like. The elements that when combined make a good website are things like quality user experience, quick load times, relevant information, high-quality visuals, good stories, intuitive navigation.

Some of the websites that we have had the pleasure of working on recently:
Egypt with Me
Fig and Walnut Cafe
This website!

There are a few others in the mix but we haven’t quite hit ‘publish’ as yet so watch this space.


What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation.

Do I need to do SEO? Yes, you do need to do it because this is essentially the ranking given to your website content by the major search engines. For example, Google wants to serve up relevant content to its users so you can help them by posting content that is useful.

There are lots of great articles and tools that can help you improve your SEO. Some further reading can be found here at Yoast and Neil Patel is also a great place to begin.

Social media

Are you on Facebook? Do you scroll through Instagram admiring the beautiful images? Yes? Well, then that’s a good place to spring from to build a brand for your business! Business profiles are based on the same interface but you will find that you have more tools and information to help you succeed.

We recommend starting with one channel at a time. When you are in small business it can be hard to find enough hours in the day so reduce the overwhelm by starting strategically.

Your social media channels are important also for your SEO. When search engines are working out their rankings, believe it or not, they also look at your socials to see if you have been active and the content that you post is connected to your overall area of expertise.
So you might be the worlds best golfer, for example, but your social feed is full of information about a the Elvis Festival in Parkes. It won’t be logical to the search engines and you will be penalised.

Email Direct Marketing or EDM

So you have gone to the effort of collecting all those business cards. What are you going to do with them? These people have effectively said to you, ‘yes, I’d like to hear from you again’. Have you thought about keeping them in the loop with your business by sending them a regular email or newsletter about what is new and exciting in your space?

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