Why is a brand so important?

Brand is what makes you unique.  It is your identity. It is how you do things. It makes you identifiable. It’s how your employees provide the experience of your service or goods to your customers.

A lot of people simplify it down to the brand visuals. Your logo and your colours. Of course, this is a part of what goes into making your brand, but it really is so much more.

Branding gives your business an identity beyond your product or services. It gives your customers something to connect with. It can make you memorable and recognisable.

Brands with high recall and awareness do one thing very well.

They are consistent.

You can see a billboard, a brochure, a website and know instantly who the message belongs to.

Consistency also creates trust. See here for yourself some examples of when brands have got it wrong.

Why is trust so important to your brand?

Just ask a brand that has lost trust. It’s nearly impossible to recover.  But if you do recover that trust you will likely have the most loyal audience ever because you cared enough to listen and act. If you tell someone your problems and they don’t respond appropriately you take action. You won’t talk to that friend next time you need help. A brand is no different. Help your customers. They want you to succeed. If they take the time to tell you what you’re doing doesn’t match up with their expectations of your brand. Listen.

Respect your customers’ time.

You need to be mindful of the competition for our attention and respecting your customers’ time.  They have limited time and everyone is competing for it so be useful and valuable. Don’t provide information or social posts on content that doesn’t relate to your business, purpose or customers needs.

What is a tone-deaf brand?

Have you ever dropped a joke that didn’t land well?  Perhaps you haven’t read the room right. Or you’ve entered the conversation late and missed some very important cues and/or information. To me, this is kind of what brands do when they promote themselves in a way that won’t connect with their core customers. You do your brand a disservice. 

To illustrate my point, I’m going to highlight with an example of any advertising campaigns for women’s health products where women are jumping around on the beach throwing beach balls without a care in the world. It’s tone-deaf.

You know when you see a great ad or copy or visuals from a brand you like it makes you smile because respectful to their customers and authentic. By the by an example of this smiling respectful stuff is this ad. It makes me very happy. I love yoghurt and they’re giving me permission, in a hilarious way, to eat more!

Complaints and feedback are opportunities

At the risk of sounding really cheesy complaints are an opportunity for you to make changes and improvements. If your customers don’t care enough to complain they will walk with their feet to your competition.  If they do take the time to tell you it’s because they want you to do better. They are invested in your success. They’re engaged and want you to meet their needs.

We are all looking for solutions.  All-day, every day.

If you are solving your customers’ problems or challenges how likely are they to become your best brand ambassador next time they are talking within their networks about your goods or services? Very likely I would say!

Who are some of the brands that you can instantly recognise? What are some of the brands that you love? Why? What is it that they do well?

What are you aspiring to you in a brand story? Do you need some help putting the copy around your brand story that will connect you with the right customers? Feel free to get in touch to get the conversation started.

Written by Danielle Ramsey.

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